My Clothes Buffet & Bazaar Experience

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Clothes Buffet

Clothes buffet? I’m not talking about the buffet where you can find it in the 5-star hotels or restaurants, and eat as much as you can. It’s the clothes buffet which you pay an amount and grab as many clothes as you can. It sounds tempting especially for girls who love to shop, and yes it is! All you need to do is to pay RM60 and you will get a 14×9 inches plastic bag, and shop within 15 mins. And if you manage to zip the bag up and you can get them all. It’s definitely something very fun for me something new to try.


There were up to 50,000 pieces up for grabs

I was in dilemma whether to break the last record of 16 pieces of clothes being squeezed in the tiny plastic bag or to grab the clothes I like. Because It was struggled to choose between the quality or quantity as I could only pick certain clothes which were thin and light in material in order to squeeze more into the bag.


Participants waiting for their turn

I consider myself as an expert when pack for travel. It’s undeniable that girls always have tons of things to bring when travel and so do I, but packing seems to be quite an easy task for me and I’ve failed to pack my everything in my one and only small black luggage which I carry it to wherever I go. So I thought I could take the clothes buffet challenge and try to break the record.


15 minutes to grab what you want!

Throughout the 15 mins of shopping, instead of grabbing clothes that I like, I was hunting for only tiny singlets so it wouldn’t take up too much space, rolled and squeezed them very hard in the plastic bag. And I had to take out some clothes as the plastic bag seemed to be bursting anytime, else I would need to pay extra RM20 for the plastic bag. And finally I had managed to squeeze in 15 pieces. One piece more to reach the record but I was really happy with the result. Anyway, I had fun!


Shopping Bazaar

The weekend was so full of excitement! I’ve always loved shopping at the bazaar where you able to find good deals, creativity or sometimes inspiration. I somehow just feel like to escape from the busy city and the malls during weekends, hanging out at the bazaar can be one of my favorite weekend-to-do activities and bargaining is the always the fun part of it. Here is an advice for you when go to a bazaar, you can wear something stylish if you want but make sure it keeps you cool ‘cause most of the bazaars held outdoors and the hot weather could be really unbearable. But anyway it’s always better than raining, it makes everything a bit harder.


This time I got involved in the bazaar along with the clothes buffet event and was given a task to take care and to sell at the booth. As a fashion marketing student, selling fashion clothes can’t be any easier. But in fact it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I had to deal with the customers who were trying to bargain so hard with me for a good price, which I always do. It’s funny realizing that I might have done the same thing and put the vendors on the spot. And now I’ve got a taste of it and I guess I shall know what to do the next time when I shop.




Also, selling at bazaar would mean going home with bags of things too. It was a guilty pleasure shopping experience as I was supposed to work yet I spent and shopped! But I just couldn’t stop my eyes from searching around and eventually I shopped a lot but those were really good deals that I wouldn’t want to miss it or I was just finding excuses for myself to buy things. After all, isn’t that the whole point for being at a bazaar?



One thing I really like about working during bazaar is that I will never get hungry. Good food was everywhere! Especially the desserts like cupcakes, cookies and cakes which you always find it more expensive in the cafes, but it’s usually cheaper at the bazaar ‘cause it’s sold by the supplier. And nothing tastes better than home made desserts because they were made up of passion and actually tasted like home! I indulged myself with cakes and they tasted so good that I literally forgot about the calories in it.


Despite the unbearable hot and humid weather, sore feet after the long day standing and tiredness, I had really good time with the vendors, customers and the crews working there throughout the three-day event and the interesting interaction with the customers was definitely something worth learning and memorable

How was your experience like?

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