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Mizz Deameanor is a fashion label by our very own homegrown talent Mizz Nina‘s that represents the independent girl who carries herself well in all situations. This independent girl is also versatile that she is street chic, sweet, classy and sporty when she needs to be – just like the talent herself

Launched in 2010, Mizz Demeanor has since launched several collections under the Mizz Demeanor fashion label and have covered a variety of styles in these collections. Throughout the collections, the artiste is headstrong in maintaining and injecting her individual style into every piece of apparel or accessory while catering to a large pool of audience and fans. Let’s have a look at some of the designs, shall we?

Combining the best elements from our favourites – the ever comfortable hoodie and the must-have long cardigan, we can now have a hybrid of the two with this design. The length is a unique one which allows us to have a taste of layering with winter-inspired styles yet suitable for the local tropical climate

Here’s Mizz Nina‘s take on the classic off shoulder long sleeve top with Mizz Demeanor‘s insignia – gotta admit, I feel like snuggling in one of them myself right now, in style of course, especially with the rain that we’ve been experiencing lately! Available in a variety of colours so that there’s something for everyone!


A basic tank top is a must for everyone and I totally adore how it’s minimalistic but yet with a surprise design towards the lower back of this top. Tank tops play a large part in most of my outfits and having something like this? It just allows for so many more different ways to style new outfits!


Now, if you’re big on layering yet want to keep things simple, having a hoodie like this one would be ideal for a sporty chic look. I love the bright bold colour combinations they’ve got there that would add just the right amount of wow factor to your outfit. How would you style this one here babes?


And of course, one cannot miss out on that varsity jacket design, can we? It’s a classic piece that everyone can wear and I’d personally would opt for one in red for myself. Plus, I’ve always wanted one and wished that my university made their own, but alas! This is my chance to own a piece!

Liking what you see? Now it’s time to shop! All these and more are now available for sale via Mizz Nina’s Facebook page via Square – making online shopping simple. is a singular solution to your online shopping needs that is fast and easy that allows for a smooth online shopping experience all in one place via the convenience of Facebook pages. While you follow the updates of your favourite brands, you can select the items you want to purchase and pay for them while you’re on Facebook. All these eliminates the need for opening multiple tabs, logging in and out of your bank account for payment and the multiple emails that are sent back and forth between the buyer and the vendor. Yes, it’s that easy!


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