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If you’ve been on social media and read Buzzfeed religiously, chances are you would have come across the $5 Colourpop lipstick with raging reviews. Now although they don’t ship to Malaysia, that doesn’t stop us from getting our hands on some

We’ve read the reviews, sought out numerous pre-order agents who offer their services to ship them safely back to Malaysia and send them to our doorstep albeit with a slight price hike but hey, we’d figure if it does what the reviews say it does, it’s worth a shot!

To be honest, we’re not fans of pre-order goods as our previous and only experience we had with it was with clothes and when the product came, it looked and fit nothing like the catalogue image. Of course, this was when we were newbies to online shopping and was fazed by the uber cheap price tag

Now that we’re a few years in the game and have tons of research experience, we decided to venture to pre-order again, only this time a reputable beauty brand and services offered by a local trusted (based on testimonials by previous clients to back them up) agent Doodle Toodle

We ordered ourselves two lippie stix, one primer and two ultra matte lips (for a friend) and because we’re so used to Mr.Postman delivering our purchase in two days or less, we were on the edge of our seat every day because the delivery would take about a month!

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The good thing however, was that she would frequently keep us updated on the status of the shipment to keep our mind at peace. Thankfully for that or else we would have gone mad wondering when and where our products are!

And soon, they were here! They much raved about Colourpop lippies:


Here’s what we got for ourselves:

RAYEzor, Oh Snap! and a Lippie Primer┬ásimply because we always get chapped lips and I wasn’t sure if the Lippie Stix were going to be very drying because these were matter colours

The verdict: I love them! They’re not drying as matter colours (we apply lip balm and/or primer beforehand) and the colour stays on longer than we expected. We chose very nude/neutral colours because we’re not adventurous like that haha! but also because we wanted an every day colour. The other thing about Lippie Stix that we love is the shape of it that makes it super easy to apply unlike lipsticks (which is why we prefer lip crayons most of the time)

RAYEzor has a slight coral tinge for us while Oh Snap! was more nude and we love both as much that we’re alternating them on a daily basis. Kudos to Doodle Toodle for the great customer service as well as speedy delivery once the product were in town

We’d definitely repurchase from Colourpop via her services again (OMG JENNIM collab!)and P.S. she’s also got some other amazing brands including the much sought after Kylie Lip Kit (while stock lasts!)

This is not a sponsored review

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