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So we went into KBeauty overdrive in 2015 and have accumulated our fair share of KBeauty products. Our skincare routine literally went from 3 steps to 8 or 9 steps per day and we’re loving it! The effects don’t lie and most of all, majority the products are affordable so it does not break the pocket

Here’s our mini review on the products we’ve used thus far:


From left:

  • Clio Waterproof Brush Liner Killbrown Set – The brush liner is fab, we’ve always preferred brown to black and it applies ever so smoothly. The mascara that came with the set however, performed poorly and was clumpy
  • Peripera Peri’s Tint Crayon – It was on sale and the colour payoff was so much better than expected! Easy to apply because it’s like a chubby stick and it has quite the staying power
  • Memebox I’m Lip And Cheek – TBH, we expected some fancy gloss but no, this tint is amazing. Apply less and blend to be subtle or apply more for that extra pop of colour. Currently our fave lip product


From left:

  • Laneige BB Cushion – If you just need basic touch up or base before applying makeup, this is it
  • Laneige Water Bank Essense – Great for Malaysian weather and this gem lasts for six months – Always repurchase!
  • Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream – Our moisturiser of choice – Always repurchase!


Etude House Face Masks – Price wise, we guess they are alright but we find that it doesn’t fit our face well and the effects are not very convincing


The Face Shop Face Masks – These are a little more pricey, but the results were pretty meh to us


Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection – OMG, you have no idea, we got our friend who was visiting Korea at the time of the launch to get these for us (we wanted more but they were already sold out, what?!) They’re gorgeous to look at and the colour payoff is pretty subtle, which is what we like


From top:

  • Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask – This is a weekly must! Perfect for the weekend me-time
  • Peripera Love Fairy Sleeping Butter – TBH, this is a pretty great product, the only downside is that you have to apply it with your finger making it a rad bit unhygenic


  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder – A great size to bring it where ever you go, perfect for finishing powder and yes, no more sebum!
  • Laneige Water Sleeping Pack – For long nights where you don’t have time to go through the entire skincare routine, just apply this and go to bed. So convenient!
  • [Twin Pack] Sister Diary Mask – OK, this isn’t exactly KBeauty (It’s a Taiwanese brand) but OMG, they are about RM2 per piece, comes with a plastic sheet so it doesn’t tear when you remove it from the pack and they fit our face perfectly. Our favourite from the lot is Natto Collagen – you gotta try it


  • Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm – Although it’s more pricey than most lip balms from the pharmacy, it’s amazing. It lasts quite some time with daily use and it has a slight honey scent which makes it all the better – Repurchase again and again please
  • B.Seen I’m Milia Banisher – Also not a KBeauty product but it helped us! We didn’t have a big problem to begin with but we were getting rather concern and a little skeptical but it totally surprised us – so worth paying the price


Laneige Play No More Intense Lip Gel – This was rather disappointing because we paid a lot for this collection but the colour payoff and staying power was pretty poor. Sigh


Petitfee Gold & EGF Eye & Spot Patch + Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eyepatch – It was a bundle purchase and because we’ve heard raving reviews, we decided why not? And you know what, it’s such a blessing to have after long hours of wearing contact lens and staring at all our gadgets – such needed relief

Looking back, we wan’t believe we bought THAT many products in the span of twelve months, although in our defence there were a lot experimenting with different brands and trying on new products. We’ll cut down for 2016 but hey, if we come across any new amazing products, we’ll have another mini review!


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  1. Juneci Siong

    February 11, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    Great review! Really have been waiting for the Etude House x Kerrie Hess Dreaming Swan Collection for ages. It’s too adorable!!

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