Mid-Week Inspiration: Mixing Prints

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A head-to-toe print is a bold choice, and mixing two different styles can really add to the impact. We admit mixing prints can be tricky but usually a strategic and subtle combination of prints will be pretty and unexpected, and that’s part of the fun.

The key is not what matches, but rather, what pairs well together. And there’s no better way to find that out than playing a bit of dress up. Just start pulling things out of your closet and try them on. You might be surprised at what falls together.

Here are a few basic guidelines to follow in order to appear harmonious the colours and/or shapes within an outfit need to look as though they belong together:

Solid Bond

Adding a solid coloured accessory or skin between patterns can lock them together and/or calm the overall effect


Mixing Textures

Texture should be considered a pattern if the pattern is obvious. Different textures are often easier to mix than different patterns


Opposites Attract

The busier or more complex the pattern/print, the better you are to coordinate it with a garment with a simple pattern or texture. A favorite go-to print combo is florals and stripes Prints_3

Defining Your Focal Point

One pattern should be dominant so the eye has a place to settle on first. And that place should be your best area given that’s where the focus will be Prints_4

Re-style Your Graphic Tees

Mixing geometric styles, or pairing a busy pattern with a graphic tee easily does the trick


When mixing prints and patterns look for a characteristic that you can use to unite the patterns. This may be a colour, the theme or design line

Prints_6Shopping for Prints

Now that we’re all excited and less afraid about pairing prints with prints, here are our top 3 picks from across the web to get you started on this new look:

clothes for fun

Xenji Blouse by Clothes For Fun

If you’re not big for prints, start subtle with a splash of colours. Try on different textures and prints to build up your complete outfit until you’re comfortable for something bolder


Waisted Arrow Shorts by Fabspy

A monochrome piece is a basic when starting with prints and also ever so versatile when it comes to styling options. What better time to wear this piece now that geometric prints are all the craze?


Indie Mystique Long Sleeve Top by Whitesoot

One thing we always believe in when dressing up is always feel comfortable in your clothes. We believe this piece would do just that and tone down on the bottom with a solid color but play up on colourful prints for your accessories

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