Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Yellow

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Yellow is the colour of the sun, ornaments of gold and of charming smiles. The colour of warmth and inspiration, and of wisdom and intellect. So many reasons to wear it! And if you’re worried about it being too bright, stick to a single piece of item in your outfit, or an element in pastel yellow or mustard just to give that bit of colour or flair. Here are some tips on how to wear this bright yet psychologically beneficial colourTone down the brightness of the top with a neutral bottom like blue jeans, or black shorts. And stick with that neutral colour for your accessories so that you’ll get that vibrant look without the yellow overpowering you too much


If you’re worried that having yellow too close to your face will make you look sallow, try on a skirt instead. This windowpane skirt with a solid mix of black, white and yellow is a good way to start incorporating that colour into your wardrobe


And of course, if you still think it’s too bright, try another yellow tone like mustard. This half mustard, half white fun dress would be perfect for a weekend picnic or a shopping spree with girlfriends


If you’re a newbie in wearing yellow, but would like to liven up your outfit with a bit of sunshine, try yellow accessories. An excellent way to start adding colours to your outfit before you take it to the next level


For the brave heart, who have at least more than 3 yellow items already sitting in your wardrobe, try neon yellow. This neon yellow printed skirt is just the thing to show-off your styling skills; the world better be prepared for your bold & beautiful fashion style


Now, where do we start shopping for yellow apparels or accessories? Here are our top 3 favourite picks from the lovely Malaysian-based blogshops:

Left: Aurele Sleeveless Top by Bon Voyage | Middle: Gevira by A Model Studio | Right: Waist Cut-Out Dress by Cocktail Evening

Ready for the yellow fashion fever? Let’s kickstart it right now!

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