Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Windowpanes

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The windowpane trend, a spin-off from the plaid prints, have been cropping up everywhere – from jackets, to pants, to accessories and more. A rather preppy grid trend, it’s rather hard not to be taken in with the clean lines; simple enough to explore fun ways to wear them, yet retaining its classic and chic vibe

Spotted on the streets in the recent New York Fashion Week for Spring 2014, we are expecting this trend to kick off in Malaysia really soon. But before that, here are some ways to give this pattern print a spin:

Start off with a basic top. Pair them with jeans and simple accessories so that the prints remain the centrepiece


Try pieces with subtle and smaller prints. And if you’re more adventurous, add a bright colour piece


Keep large windowpane prints to a smaller part of your outfit so that it doesn’t overwhelm you


Make it a statement piece that is versatile – perfect for work, classes or the weekend fun


Try an uncomplicated spin to it with a streamline shift dress


And the final look for the brave and adventurous: Mix it up and have fun pairing 2 different windowpane prints, or even other patterns like polka dots, plaid, and more. Just keep it within the same hues for a cohesive outfit


This week, instead of the usual top 3 picks we are only going to feature 2. It seems like the windowpanes prints have yet to be a big hit in Malaysia and for now, we have limited options available online. But fret not fashionistas, we see plenty more to come and it’s never too early to pick up a trend and be the first *winks*

Left: Blue and white windowpane sweater by Miss Pret-a-Porter | Right: Zara Inspired Blouse by Missze

If you know of any other retailers that are carrying this print, share with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear from you and know where else we can score this up and coming look!

** Update: Seems like we managed to find another windowpanes design, this time in a bustier dress by Cocktail Evening

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