Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Rompers

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This week, we’ll share about how to style rompers, a particularly beautiful floral one that we fell in love with and three very different ways to wear it. After all, a romper is a versatile piece and it’s not just for casual outings

When in Doubt, Wear Black



Pair your usual statement black clutch with high tops sneakers and accessories all in black. Go minimal with your makeup and let the romper be the star of the show

Layered Up



The less explored option is to go formal with a printed romper. A classic tote, pumps and layer it with a blazer to fit the dress code for work. A little mascara, red lipstick and accessories added to the mix will transform your work attire into a night of fun

Weekend Simplicity



If you like to keep things simple, here’s an everyday look you can put together easily with items we bet you already have in your wardrobe *winks* It definitely makes the romper a piece of apparel you’d want to invest in, no? *grins*

Now that we’ve seen some ideas on how to wear it, here are our top three picks from where to shop for rompers from across the web:


The much talked about origami skort can now be seen on a multitude of rompers and this one with the flower prints by A Spoonful of Clothes is looking mighty fancy. We also love that the color is suitable to be worn across all seasons and to a variety of occasions doublewoot

But if you’ve had enough of skorts, you can go for a classic version by Doublewoot with similar prints. The cut on this design is more casual, playful and fun!


Here’s another design that we love, by LoveMizu in different shades of gorgeous green that’ve very tropical and fresh. For a weekend by the beach or a day in the city, we reckon this is the romper you could be wearing

Which design would you buy and how would you style it? Experiment with it, try out various styles and discover new ways to wear your day-to-day look!

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