Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Plaids & Tartan

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Plaids are a rather bold, masculine print. Worn the wrong way might make you look like your heading to the jungle to cut up some wood. But the fashion-conscious woman can wear it and still look feminine doing so. Here are some tips on how to wear them fashionably

Grunge look

Tie your boyfriend’s shirt around your waist for that grunge-y edge. And you’ll have something to throw on when you head for the movies or an air-conditioned classroom

Left: fashionsquad | Right: tsangtastic

Casual look

Wear it as a loose, slight oversized shirt outerwear, but try wearing them over a dress that flashes some skin.  Or wear it on a dress. Both ways are a feminine but casual twist to this print

Left: itscamilleco | Right: 9to5chic

Girly look

Nothing shouts female more than a skirt with heels. Wear it long, or short. I don’t think you can go wrong wearing this print as a skirt

Left: fashionsquad | Right: kayture

Preppy look

A dark coloured pants will be more subtle and creates a more formal feel with a fitted jacket. For a fun look, try a brighter more vibrant colour

Left: ashleyringmybell | Right: stylescrapbook

Formal look

Not everybody can pull off a plaid suit, but the cut and material plays a very important role. Look for sleek cut and a stiffer, more glamorous material

Left: garypeppergirl | Right: refinery29

Just-a-hint look

If you only want a subtle hint of plaid, wrap a scarf around your neck, or a handbag or belt. Wear it with a simple plaid-free outfit to avoid any fashion disaster


And now, for the most important question: Where do I buy tartans and plaids from? Check out our top 3 picks for this print:

Left: Plaid print midi by Salt.Inc | Middle: Autumn plaid by Qcutefashion | Right: Gingham checkered top/dress by House of Muse

Now that you’ve got the plaid/tartan staples, it’s time to create those awesome outfits from the guide we’ve just shared with you. Have fun dressing up!

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