Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Pink

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I’ve to admit, I’m not a person who fancies the colour pink. Not that I hate it, but if there’s an option between pink and another colour, I’ll pick the other colours instead of pink. I have only a couple of pink pieces in my wardrobe that I bought because I need to wear brighter colours during Chinese New Year. When I see pink, I think of Hello Kitty, Cotton Candy and little girly frills. However, seeing all these pink popping up everywhere recently, I decided that it’s time I embrace this bright-flirty-feminine colour

And it all started with a hot pink over-size ribbon peep-toe heels I spotted during a Carlo Rino sales that I couldn’t not bring it home with me. So here are some looks to get me, and you girls started on getting some pink into our looks without looking like a walking cotton candy

Pink Pants

These purplsh-pink magenta pants is not too girly, and just so chic. Perfect for that pop of colour for your outfits to work


Left: extrapetite | Right: halliedaily

Dresses & Skirts

A pink dress should be your go-to dress for bridal showers, weddings, baby girl showers.. ok you can bascially wear it anywhere. Toughen up the look with a black jacket and accesories. Or pair a pink flared skirt with another bright colour for a trip to the beach


Left: wendyslookbook | Right: kryzuy

Jackets & Blazers

I love my blazers. And I do have a Zara one in pink with brown suede elbow patches 🙂 Pair them with bright contrasting colours or just in white for a fresh look


Left: addictbeiconic | Right: ashley-ringmybell


Pink designs on a white dress might be too cutesy but the length of the dress is mid-calf so it is not too cutesy. Or wear a basic top with pink line details for that hint of pink


Left: itscamilleco | Right: tsangtastic


My favourite is pink heels, the piece that got me started on this upcoming pink trend. An added pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit in similar colours so that the pink stands out


Left: vivaluxury | Middle: halliedaily | Right: doubleescapades

And we love how apt this post is this week because on Wednesdays, we wear pink! Check out our top 3 favourite pink picks from the web:


Left: Sailor Stripes by NYO | Middle: Lavish Wonderlust by Cocktails & Martinis | Right: Waterfall Jacket by E-Stylish Wardrobe

Which is your favourite and must-have pink piece? With so many different ways to style them, you can be wearing a pink piece in your daily outfits. Go pink!

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