Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Pairing Red & Black

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Red and Black. Some people might think that pairing these colours together will seem rather dated. For example, pairing a pair of black pants with a red top, might give off a retro vibe.

However, in my opinion, they both will work well together if paired with a neutral piece to soften the boldness and brightness. And of course, the balance between how much each colours should be worn so that it doesn’t fight with each other really plays a part.

Here are some ways to wear both colours together for a fresh and chic look:

Style #1 – A corporate look with a fun element

Pair a mid-calf or knee-length black skirt with black and white stripes or printed top. The added pop of red pointy heels doesn’t overpower the black and keep this look appropriate for work.

Left: thepinkpeonies | Right: wendyslookbook

Style #2 – The va-va-voom factor

Keep your dinner or weddings dresses black and white. After all, black is the most flattering colour. But slip on that pair of hot red stilettos of that va-va-voom factor

Left: thepinkpeonies | Right: thechrisellefactor

Style #3 – The Casual Twist

And a casual twist to this red heels look would be a shorter skirt, a casual white shirt and open-toe sandals.


Style #4 – Tone It Down

Tone down the brightness of the red in a darker shade stripes top for a weekend casual and comfy look.


Style #5 – Classy

Keep it classy with a dull red leather skirt and neutral colours of white and light brown. The black and white printed clutch
remains the statement piece and stands out against the red.


Style #6 – Student Days

A bright chilli red flared skirt and a sleeveless white top would be perfect for classes with black accessories. The short skirt hem
and sleeveless top keeps it from being dated.


Style #7 – Little Red Dress

A short red dress is super hot for any dressy occasion. The cut and design of the dress is of utmost importance. Pull the look together
with a beige and black clutch.


Style #8 – Got Swag?

Be daring and enhance the red with a white and red printed blazer. Nobody will say you got no swag.


Style #9 – Red Accessories

And if you’re still unwilling to pair red and black together in your outfit, get yourself a red bag / clutch. The red will stand out against the black and give you the outfit interesting enough for a second-look by a passerby. And it’ll bring you from work, to a night event to the weekend brunch

Left: fastfoodandfastfashion | Middle: itscamilleco | Right: hapatime

Where to Buy?

Now that you’ve checked out the different ways of pairing black and red without ending up as a fashion victim, here are our top 3 picks from the web that includes a red dress, a red bag and a gorgeous pair of red shoes for you to re-create the looks you’ve just seen above:

Left: Shelly by A Model Studio | Middle: Sling bag by The Bag Galore | Right: Bow layer heels by Crackie Egg

Style away sisters in shopping for work, weekend fun or any occasions with black and red!

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  1. Samantha

    October 16, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    thank you so much ASD for featuring AMS products!!

  2. Jessica Yong

    October 17, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Chrisle is amazinga. Love the bag from bag galore.. might just get it soon 😉

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