Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Kimono Wrap

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While we live in a tropical climate, the reality is that the weather can get pretty unpredictable at times. Which is why most of us carry a wrap, cardigan or jacket with us where ever we go, just in case of an unexpected shower or when the air conditioning is at full speed

When it comes to layering with our outerwear, it can end up pretty bulky. When done right, it’ll look like it was part of your outfit all along and one way to do it is go for a versatile piece, like the kimono wrap

It usually comes in with a floral pattern, made of lightweight material that is easy to carry around yet keeps us warm when the temperature starts to drop. It’s great for a casual day-to-night look and super easy to style

Here are some styling ideas:

Mid Week Kimono #3

A simple casual weekend outfit for running errands and a quick brunch catch up with the girls. Nothing too fancy but you wouldn’t want to end up being too plain, thus the kimono wrap to the rescue

Mid Week Kimono #2


But if you’re looking at a weekend date,  pair it with a dress and beautiful scrappy heels to complement your look. We love keeping to a theme color for our overall look and having a kimono wrap with a black base color makes it all the easier to match

Mid Week Kimono #1

Even if you’re not for the whole girly girl look, you can still pull this off. Pair it with a crop top and ripped boyfriend jeans, finish it with high heels and a great bag to match

If you have yet to own a piece of your own, here are some of our favourite picks from across the web:


Fringe kimono cardigan from Honey Pumpkin

They’ve just updated with this piece and judging by how quickly all the items sell out, wait no more if you’re eyeing this piece here. A lighter base colour, very suitable for day events and heading outdoors


Briana Kimono from Megafash

Here’s one with a black base and pretty pink flowers all over. Definitely feels like when the cherry blossoms bloom, doesn’t it? A great addition to an otherwise simple and plain outfit


Fringe Kimono Cardigan from Zalora

But if floral really isn’t you thing, you can always go plain and let the little details, like fringe, to make up for it. Again, we recommend a piece in black because when it doubt, wear black!

Have fun layering and don’t be afraid to explore the different options of the kimono wrap, be it with prints, color or even length

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