Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Jumpers & Rompers

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Fashion 101 – Jumpsuits were originally one-piece outfits used by parachuters or skydivers. In today’s fashion world, any one piece garments with sleeves and trousers is referred to as jumpsuits. The shorts version of a jumpsuit is a romper, originally worn by children.

Jumpers and rompers are like dresses except much easier to move around especially if you prefer wearing pants, like me 🙂

But try rushing desperately to the toilet and you’ll wish you never tried one on. The tip is to get one (or two) that have a wider neckline to conveniently slip them down your hips.

Here are some inspirations and pointers for various occasions. Try one today!

1. Date Night: Floral prints. Wraparound with sleeves. Heels.

vivaluxury – My favourite 🙂

2. Wedding Dinner: Different colours top and bottom half. Small sling bag.


3. Birthday Party: Graphic prints. Large gold buckle belt.


4. Weekend Brunch: Panels. Material. Bareback.


5. Work Meeting: Belt. Heels. V-neck.


And here are our top 3 picks from local blogshops to shop for your romper:

Left: Topshop inspired Laser Cut Playsuit by IHF Malaysia | Middle: Lucetta Romper by A Model Studio | Right: Knotted Hearts Romper by Whitesoot

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