Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Jeans and Tee

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Who says that jeans and tees are too casual for daily looks?  Here are seven different inspiration looks to last you for an entire week:


Since it is Monday, be a little dressier with a jacket and a pair of heels. Fight the Monday blues by looking chic yet casual

As seen on songofstyle


Tone done a little on Tuesday with a sleeveless jacket, without loosing your chic factor

As seen on vivaluxury


Wear simple prints on a tee for a Wednesday with a matching bag and heels

As seen on kendieveryday


It is almost the weekend. Don’t be afraid to throw on a cute tee and pair your outfit with strappy heels

As seen on iamkhatu


It is Friday! Bring on the loose tees and flats to welcome the wonderful weekend

As seen on thepinkpeonies


Woohoo! Enjoy your Saturday with a scarf and sunnies

As seen on tobrightenmyday


Laze around in your most comfortable tee and throw on a pair of heels for dinner before you go back to work or school the next day

As seen on karencheng

Where to shop for tees?

Have you got all the tees you need to make it to a whole week of closet coordinations with your jeans? Check out our top 3 picks from local blogshops on where to shop for the quirkiest designs on tees and best of statements tees that you simply must own:

Left: Shopaholic Tee by Individium because there is no denying the obvious!
Middle: Daft Punk Tee by Let’s Tee because they make amazing music
Right: Drama Queen Tee in Dark Green by Whitesoot because what is life without a little drama?

So, are you ready to trade your dresses and skirts for an entire week to meet this challenge? Sounds like a lot of comfortable fun! *winks*

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