Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Jacquard Blazer

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When you’re a student, it’s okay to wear a hoodie or a cardigan but as you age and enter into the working world, you should move to more structured pieces like a blazer. While the typical black blazer may come off as way too formal, there are many other dressier options that you can try out, like a jacquard piece

Here are some ways we’ve styled the jacquard blazer for different occasions

Jacquard 1

Keep It Casual: When it comes to weekend errand runs or casual Fridays, keep your entire look colourful and finish it off with a simple, preferably monotone jacquard blazer for a more sophisticated look

Jacquard 2

For Work: If your workplace allows for more dressier looks, then you should definitely be styling your looks with a jacquard blazer. After all, it can get pretty chilly in the office and looking great while keeping warm in style is the way to go!

Jacquard 3

Date Night: When you’re out for date night with your favourite LBD, be sure to cover up in style for those chilly moments after. Trade your usual shawl for a jacquard blazer instead, keeping it classy through the night

Now comes the fun part, shopping for jacquard blazers for your wardrobe. Check our top three picks from across the web:


This particular ASOS piece is on sale and with a fun Aztec print like this, you should grab it before it’s all gone! You’ve been warned *winks*

FashionValet has a simple subtle piece by Alia B that we love, which you can also complete the look with a matching skirt from the collection. Definitely a chic piece of work wear with a modern design that we’d like to own


Zalora too, gets innovative with their design with a collarless piece for their collection. A more playful and casual vibe for those who want to take a break from all the formality in the office

The jacquard blazer is an outwear that you should invest in, have you gotten yours yet?

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