Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: Blazers & Jackets

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I love jackets and blazers. They used to be an essential part of a working woman’s wardrobe. In the past years, this trend has been placed in the backseat, with the increasing popularity of the more casual looks in the office,

However, with new styles and fashion icons sporting it everywhere they go, blazers and jackets have been popping up everywhere. Not only in the office, but in the lecture halls, during dates, at fashion events and everywhere else.

Here are some modern-looking blazers looks that doesn’t look old-school, or masculine or boxy.

1. Try a blazer in a different colour in a longer cut to offset the short skirt hem.


2. Wear a boxy-cut jacket in a bright colour to a meeting and brighten up everyone’s day.


3. Drape on a jacket with embellished sleeves with a flouncy skirt for a movie date.


4. Highlight the maroon on your jacket details with a crop pants in the same colour. Just right to look effortlessly chic for a fashion event.


5. A classic jacket with oversized lapels and black panels. Who says travelling in style is a myth?


6. A weekend high-tea coming up… and shorts, your weekend staple seems not dressy enough? Pull the whole look together with a tweed jacket.


7. Jeans and a white shirt – A classic look that would look just a tad too plain and normal without that black embellished jacket.


8. A romantic dinner with a special someone for a special occasion calls for something sexy and classy –  a 2 piece jacket & skirt with a hint of shine.


9. You’d never go wrong with black and gold. It’s the ultimate glam colour for any occasion when the sun goes down.  A black dress will just make you look like any other girl without that gold jacket.


10. Who says you can’t wear pink and flowers… And not look like a girly girl? Add black and leopard prints to tone it down


Our favourite part of the segment has got to be where to buy blazers and jackets? Check out our top 3 picks on where to score these amazing completer pieces:

Left: Aztec Tribal Blazer by XOXO Boutique | Middle: Floral Jacket by Mizz Demeanor | Right: Vinny Blazer by thepoplook

Which is your favourite jacket or blazer? We hope you’ve gotten some new inspiration for your next outfit with these tips and where to score new designs for your next blazer or jacket!

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