Mid-Week Fashion Inspiration: 2-Piece Set

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Remember when we were kids and we used to wear matching top and bottom sets? Usually of our favourite cartoon characters and in some of the brightest shade of the color wheel lest our parents lose us among the crowd. Well, that’s how I remembered 2-piece sets

Fast forward to 2014, it seems to be quite the trend to be wearing 2-piece set. Only this time, it’s been given a fashionable upgrade – usually favoring the crop top and skirt combo

Party in Prints

Katy Perry

We love how Katy Perry displays her personal style with bold colourful graphics on her 2-piece sets that are not only red carpet ready but definitely after-party ready too

Tone It Down

Taylor Swift

Another take on 2-piece sets is nicely done by Taylor Swift, looking chic as always (even after a session at the gym!) with minimal prints and different styles on the combo proving that these combinations work for a variety of occasions

While crop tops are not for the shy and definitely a no-no in the workplace, we’ve found a variety of combinations that would work for various occasions

Where to Buy 2-Piece Sets?


Butterfly sleeve top and shorts set by Beautique Avenue

Opt for a plain coloured set with minimal design for a casual day out over the weekend, whether it’s running errands or catching up with girlfriends over coffee. Keep accessories to a minimal to maintain the laidback attitude for this look


Lace top and skirt set by Beautique Avenue

For a more important occasion, or one that takes place later in the evening, a lace set would be just perfect for the scene – especially one in white! We’re thinking date night with a nice dinner overlooking a romantic view

LD320 ZebraMonochrome crop top and shorts set by Tanks for 5

With prints like these, all we can think of is a party! Something along the lines of an animal theme perhaps? Barbecue by the pool, homemade dishes and cooling drinks to go round with music in the background

How will you be styling your 2-piece sets? We’re thinking of getting ourselves a couple of sets as they are the perfect combo for Malaysian tropical climate and a quick style fix when rushed for time *winks*

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