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The online shopping craze has truly hit us shoppers on a global scale. Especially now with more and more online boutiques popping up. But, how many of these online boutiques give YOU the freedom to CHOOSE the exact clothes you want and more importantly, which ones allow you to DESIGN the clothes they sell?

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This is where MEWZE comes in

MEWZE is a new concept of online shopping, where YOU are not only the customer but also the DESIGNER. Through monthly competitions, all aspiring fashion designers are urged to submit their most creative designs. The winning design (chosen through voting) will be manufactured and sold exclusively on MEWZE. The winning designer will win attractive prizes (Cash prize up to $500 plus royalties!) and have their shot at fame!

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Their first monthly challenge theme is “Little Coloured Dress”. Let your creativity run wild and start brainstorming for ideas. Who knows, you might just be the next Jimmy Choo, Zang Toi, or Melinda Looi and a dream come true!

Oh and yes don’t forget to get all your friends to vote for your designs. Voters too will get a chance to win attractive prizes so everyone gets to participate in this exciting fashion event.

Mewze will launch at 9.10 am on 11 Dec 2013, so mark that date! Remember to also check out their website and facebook page for more updates

I’m totes excited about this and to see how far online shopping has evolved! Can’t wait for their launch! Woot!

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