Metallic Temporary Tattoos and Where to Buy Them

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If you frequent Instagram, you would have came across plenty of gorgeous photos like this:


And not to be missed, Beyonce styling her tatts in so many different ways:


And when we came across this, we were in awe. We just had to get some!

Thankfully, we do have an array of choice when it comes to shopping for metallic temporary tattoos online. They’re affordable, easy to apply, a great add on to vacays, festivals or just your every day outfit without worrying about things like, Will the chain tangle and break?! How do I pack it?. Simple fuss free fashionable additions you need to own and here’s where you can get some:

1. Habitatt

Beautiful in-house designs and not only for metallics, they’re bringing back the whole fun idea of temporary tattoos we used to enjoy when we were younger and they’ve up the game with brilliant designs, quotes and more

Shop Habitatt here:

Vogue_Autumn_large2. Shiny Happy People

Many of you may be familiar with this brand as they frequent flea markets, are one of the first to introduce metallic tatts to Malaysia and they’re also always running great promotions for their tatts! Be sure to stock up when they do *winks*

Shop Shiny Happy People here:



3. Cheezy

Embrace you inner tribal goddess with this pack (more tatts to accessorize!) that will get you festival-ready in a flash. Don’t be afraid to play around with designs because it might just turn out to surprise you

Shop Cheezy here:

4-700x7004. Poppylab

Poppylab has by far the largest selection we’ve come across and we’re totally spoilt for choice! From fancy intricate designs to subtle minimalist, they have something for every one

Shop Poppylab here:


Now that you know where to source for them, click here to check out your metallic temporary tattoo styling inspirations. May your metallic tatt game be strong!

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