Matching Necklaces with Necklines

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Why do we need so many different types of necklaces? Because we need to match them with the different necklines that our outfits have to offer of course! We’ve worked together with A Fashion Story to come up with a simple guide on how to style your necklaces to the different necklines of your outfits. Have fun styling!

Turtlenecks look best when paired with necklaces that have a longer length to it to contrast against the high neckline

Left: Blue pendant necklace | Right: Gold chains

One of the most common neckline is the crew neck, are best paired with bib or collar necklaces

Left: Elegant collar necklace | Right: Floral motif choker necklace

With the scoop neck, go for something shorter but offer great volume and design

Left: Descending structured necklace | Right: Descending circular necklace

Match asymmetrical necklines with asymmetrical necklaces! Go crazy with the different lengths

Left: Golden chained | Right: Black vintage 

Less is more with the halterneck, the same should apply for your necklace as well too

Left: Sweetheart necklace | Right: The black gem

My favourite kind of neckline, the sweetheart opens up opportunities for carved designs made of beads or otherwise

Left: Pink beaded choker | Right: Structured triangular necklace

All these and more are available at A Fashion Story, while stocks last

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