Malaysian Batik: Reinventing A Tradition

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When someone mentions batik, what comes to mind?

For me personally, it has to do with formal events where the men are dressed in batik shirts with large motifs while the ladies are in modern apparels designed from batik from smaller motifs. Little did I know that there are different motifs have different origins and batik has now moved beyond traditional wear to informal wear and is moving towards the couture scene

And when did I become such an expert in Malaysian batik? It’s all thanks to my brand new book:


The book starts off with a chronological storyline of the development of batik in Malaysia from the 1930s to its national identity in the present day. The author has put together many beautiful illustrations to accompany the journey of Malaysian batik and how it has garnered its unique identity that differentiates itself from its initial borrowings of the Indonesian batik

Photographs and illustrations are aplenty throughout the book, highlighting the beauty of the art as well as the different techniques used to produce the beautiful motifs that were once used for traditional wear, are now used for high fashion and is coming of age in the fashion scene

Whether its a formal or informal event, we see Malaysians of all walks of life come to accept batik in their wardrobe and in their home as it is a print like no other that transcends trends and time. Under the stewardship of Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia, we see Malaysian batik reaching greater heights for world recognition

Interestingly, as I was drafting this review, I received this e-newsletter in my inbox that could not have arrived at a better time:

FashionValet highlights 7 different ways the modern day girl can rework batik into her wardrobe and host of other choices that you can purchase to start styling your own look with batik. If you have not worn batik before, now is a good time to try out with the abundance of choices and styling inspirations available to you

Revisit this heritage and wear it proud. Get your own copy of the book today to learn more about Malaysian batik and its place in today’s fashion scene


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