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RICH LADY - RM55SPOTTED: Shop the Black

Booties in black with a touch of gold? Oh yea, I would definitely want a pair of this goodness. Imagine outfits that go with this pair. Oh my, endless opportunities are available! Woot!

Star Necklace - RM38SPOTTED: Garage Shop

Everyone is mad crazy about the necklaces nowadays, bib or not and this one here is yet another great piece to add to your collection, no? Makes it all fun and funky with just a simple addition like so. Hop on over now to check out what else is in store

Shift the World - RM49SPOTTED: Peep

Shift the world indeed! Another great piece with cosmic prints. I wonder who the trendsetter was in this case eh? Definitely something I’d want to find out because it’s all the rage. Have you got your dose of cosmic prints yet?

Elephant Pussybow Sleeveless Playsuit - RM60SPOTTED: Cat in the Bowl

While the feathered friends are usually the choice when it comes to prints and motifs, that shouldn’t stop you from exploring others. Even more so when there’s an adorable playsuit with cute elephants all over it! Tee-hee. Wonder what else do they have waiting for us *grins*

Compassion - RM56SPOTTED: My Dress Hanger

More skirts are available up for grabs, all different colours in our favourite high low design. What colours are you missing out on? Grab ’em, make it yours before they all belong to some else alright! You’ve been warned *winks*

RM42SPOTTED: Amour et Classic

I see this shade of green everywhere and my, looking great in dual tone, no? Speaking of which, I actually have a dress in this colour combo too! Coincidence, much? Maybe this bag is meant for me. Hmm.. Pondering..

Triangle Green Necklace - RM28SPOTTED: Autumn Ripple

Well lookie here, more options for necklaces and looking amazing in this shade of green doesn’t it? Oh yes, there are much more from where this came from. So be sure to check them out before they run out! Especially in green alright *winks*

Tri Mond - RM55SPOTTED: Lovca

But of course, other than what’s trendy, be sure to also score something extraordinary like this bag here. Colours, design, size are all unique compared to most bags we come across – what’s not to love about this? Own it babes! You won’t regret this *winks*

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