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Lush Serendipity has a new makeover and the new site is looking fantabulous! Showcasing all their products in a simple manner that makes your online shopping a breeze

Now for those of you who always worry about when are you getting your purchases, your shopping experience just got smoother. Choose to shop not only by product category but also by:

1. Readily available stock
2. Pre-order items or
3. Filter by price to suit your shopping budget

Here are some of the items that I’ve picked from the lot:

Simple, yet unique products with an affordable price tag! Totally my cup of tea *winks* I especially love the cat bag, mad adorable and it’ll be so much fun bringing this one out. Tee-hee

What about you? What have you got your eyes on? Register an account now and start shopping with Lush Serendipity!

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