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Crazy about moustache on apparels? Or a one-off unique quirky multi-purpose tote that you can bring everywhere? To the beach, for weekend bazaar hunts, for those books to bring for classes and so much more!

Look no further because at Lola Moto is where you can find all the moustache designed totes you’ve ever wanted from their latest collection!

Who is Lola Moto? They are an indie online boutique, selling custom-designed and exclusive printed quality canvas totes.

Each collection is limited  and there are no restocks once they are sold out! Shoppers, you’ve been forewarned!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at their collection already! *grins*

L: Got Moustache? – A simple design for the moustache lovers and sometimes, it’s the simplicity that counts for us, no? *winks* | R: I Love Moustache – Or would you rather proclaim your love for moustache to the public by going one step further with this design? Come on now, you know you want to!

Inspired by French, let’s have a Monsieur Moustache, shall we? Like a sir, indeed! *winks* We should totally have had this for Movember last month, no?

And here are even more designs!

L: Not a Nerd – Now who says you have to be a nerd when you have on glasses and a moustache, eh? You could totally be a cool bean and people just don’t know it yet! | R: Mr. Moustache – Or how about something adorable for a change when it comes to moustache? It ain’t every day that we get a combo like this one here

Now if you’re still wondering why a canvas tote bag? Not only is it environmentally friendly and uber durable for all the things we could possibly want to carry along with us but look who else in the fashion world is using them too!


Jessica Alba and Karl Lagerfeld have also been spotted with one in hand. Ain’t it yet another awesome reason for you to start using ’em? *winks*

Hurry, hop on over now to Lola Moto to grab your very own Moustache canvas bag from their latest collection and don’t miss out on any designs because stocks are limited! Don’t forget to also like their Facebook page to stay up to date with their upcoming designs and collections

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