Is your smartphone giving you zits?

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If you’re seeing constant whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples on your cheeks that just refuses to go away, your smartphone may be to blame. The rise of smartphones, especially with screen sizes getting larger with each new phone launched, contributes to the amount of surface that your fingers touch while you Whatsapp, check your Facebook updates, snap photos, post them on Instagram and the list goes on

When your fingers touch the screen or keys, any dirt, oil, or bacteria that was on your hands transfers to the phone. Press the phone against your cheek to make a call and voila, all that nasty stuff is now on your face, clogging pores and causing chaos (hello, breakouts!) on your complexion

So what can you do (besides going bluetooth hands-free?)? It’s a simple solution. Try wiping down the front of your phone with an alcohol wipe (sold at any pharmacy) regularly and see your breakouts go away. I’ve tried it and it works! *grins*


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