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Does your room look like this?


Or does it look like this?


I know mine does:


And these here are just some of the huggies that I’ve collected from my travels to remember my experiences in a foreign country. If I were to place all my soft toys on my bed, I reckon I’ll have to sleep on the floor!

While I may have past the age of what most people think that are too old for soft toys, I still love a cuddle every now and then. Plus, you cannot deny that they are too adorable to resist! Looking at them on my bed every night puts a smile on my face no matter how long and tiring the day was

And because so, I believe there’s no limit to cuddling a soft toy or gifting it for a friend or loved one. And now, you can select these cuddlies online and send it as a gift thanks to Hug It Studio


Nici is definitely one of my favourite brands when it comes to soft toys and I love their animal kingdom theme!


But if a bear hug you must, there are plenty of options available for you


An array of colours and definitely an array of furry factor to select from as well too!


Or would you prefer something more of a classic character, like Mickey and Minnie? It surely is a great choice to gift to couples or maybe even to your special someone. Now before you argue about the occasion, Christmas is just about a month or so away so start your gift hunting before it’s too late!

hug it studio

Thanks to Hug It Studio, we can now shop for teddy bears and soft toys online at our own comfort, especially with the number of stores that offer these in malls decreasing. Everyone needs a hug from their favourite cuddly toy sometime or other no?


And besides, I strongly believe that teddy bears help us sleep better and safer at night too! Find your cuddly at Hug It Studio and don’t let go!

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