How Makeup Changes You

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Cosmetics are an important form of social expression in societies throughout the world. In fact, researchers believe they have been used without exception in every culture in human history, from the most puritanical to the gaudiest. There is even archeological evidence suggesting that our earliest ancestors began painting their bodies before wearing clothing. So as a global industry worth billions of dollars annually with a market generating steady demand in every corner of the planet, it is quite obvious that makeup plays a significant role in shaping human interaction.

But what are the implications for our day-to-day lives? What are the implications for our health? And is it possible that makeup actually has a positive impact on our wellbeing?

In this illuminating infographic about How Makeup Changes Us, these and other questions are closely examined to paint a better picture of what it means that women the world over paint their faces every morning before leaving home. The ingredients in cosmetics are changing our bodies, the money we spend on makeup influences our financial health, and cosmetics play a crucial role in shaping our mentalities. Read on to learn more about how makeup is influencing you.

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