How do you say: “Marchesa” and other Fashion Phonetics

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Ever been stuck at High Fashion street and have no idea how to tell your friends about that chic designer store you adore because the name doesn’t seem to quite roll off your tongue?

Saw that gorgeous piece off the latest runway fashion show but can’t quite share the joy with your girlfriends over coffee in fear of embarrassing yourself by pronouncing the designer’s name wrongly?

This issue is more common than you think because fashion designers and labels originate from all over the world and from a variety of languages. With the help of these videos led by CFDA CEO Steven Kolb, things can get less embarrassing for us and we might just be pronouncing these names as if it was our mother tongue

Let’s start off with one of my favourite designers: Marchesa

Like all things, practice makes perfect, so hit repeat as many times as you need because we’re learning along with you too. Excited for more? Check out the other Fashion Phonetics videos here

Video courtesy of Racked.com

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