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Headbands! Everyone loves them, doesn’t she? From celebrities to the gal next door, seeing one on a girl’s head is now the norm.

Thanks to celebrities such as Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girls, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, and January Jones (to name a few), headbands have been made even more popular than ever before.

Why the fascination with headbands you ask? Well, headbands not only offer a fabulous way to instantly jazz up an existing hairstyle, they are extremely functional too – they help you deal with a bad hair day by controlling unruly hair as well as hold your hair off of your face (which is extremely useful when working out at the gym). 

An instant hair changer

This is what Carrie from SugarPoppins has to say, “Headbands are fabulous for giving me an instant new look for my long hair.  I wear them to hold my bangs off my forehead, to dress up an otherwise dull corporate outfit or to add instant glam factor to a fancy dress I have on. I have almost all (I kid you not!) the headbands that we sell at SugarPoppins and love them all.”

In short, a headband can be the best item that you have for your hair. Headbands are fabulous for giving an instant new look to a boring hairstyle.  They are great for any hair, be it long or short, thick or thin, curly or straight.

There are quite a few different types of headbands on the market and choosing one that looks perfect on you is a lot easier than you may think. 😉

We, the gals at SugarPoppins feel honoured to be able to share some tips on choosing the right headband for you. Enjoy!

 #1 For the ponytail lover

If you love wearing your hair in a ponytail, choose a skinny headband. It doesn’t matter if your hair is curly or straight, it will hold all the little flyaway hair in place. The double strand headband is great to exert a little more control over your hair.

#2 For the gym lover

If you love to workout but hate when you hair looks disarray after dancing or sweating out, invest in headbands made of flat fabric to ensure that you look good throughout. Fabric headbands serve triple duties – they keep hair out of your eyes while working out, make your hair looks good and at the same time absorbs sweat. No worries though, the beauty of cloth is that is can be easily washed and cleaned.

#3 For the creative babe

Headbands allow room for individuality. The hippies in the 60s used headbands as a form of personal statement. Wear headbands with loud flowers, pearl ropes and even tie it as a scarf to bring out your personal style.


#4 For the girl who loves details

Choose a headband with pretty detailings to add a little something extra to your outfit. If you have an outfit with patterns or motifs, stick to a headband with solid colour so that it’ll complement what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a solid coloured top, you can choose a patterned headband or one that has solid colour that matches your outfit. When wearing a black or white ensemble, any colour goes.

#5 For the fun-loving babe

Wearing headband is all about fun! All you need to do is put on your favourite headband, have your head held high, smile and have fun.



Headbands – you know you love them!


This is a guest post by Carrie Tang of SugarPoppins

A geeky minimalist who has a passion for fashion, food, traveling, social media and all things creative

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