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This is a guest post written by Reina Lum of Avant La Mode, sharing about her experience of using the Manic Panic bleaching kit and hair dye

Before I start the review, there’s two things you’ll need to know about me and my hair:

  1. I have virgin hair. That means I have NEVER bleached, colored or even chemically straightened/permed it before. (Even though I REALLY wanted to for so long.)

  2. This year, I have bleached my hair twice. Once in a salon & the other time using Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit.

For my first bleaching experience, I went to quite a ‘reputable’ salon in Subang, out of respect (and some legal reasons too) I won’t blatantly mention the name of the saloon here. But the saloon used a bleaching mixture marked with Chinese characters and was told not to worry since they have been using it on all their customers. Pfft!

Long story short, in just 40 minutes they almost fried my hair! Here’s a friendly tip, ALWAYS demand to know what they are putting on your precious locks. ALWAYS. Even if you have to yank the damn thing out of their hands, DO IT. I learnt this the hard way.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit & Semi Permanent Hair Dye Review

After some research, I finally found a product that sounds promising. I first found Manic Panic’s Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit but after reading the 50th review on it (Yes, there’s THAT many reviews on it online), I decided to get their Semi permanent hair dye too!

So after a whole month of tender loving care (I went ahead and bought my trusted repairing ampoules for my hair and made sure I used my hair serum daily. It was the most work I have ever did for my hair!) my hair went back to all it’s former glory. I then opened up my new Manic Panic Flash Lightning Bleaching Kit. They provide the full kit that includes everything you might need for a bleaching session.

The kit includes:

  1. The Bleaching Powder
  2. Liquid Developer
  3. Mixing Tub
  4. Applicator Brush
  5. Gloves
  6. Hair cap
  7. Directions Leaflet
The Bleaching Process

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of me bleaching my hair (was way too excited) but you basically just need to mix the bleaching powder and developer until it forms a creamy mixture. I went a step further by using aluminium foils to make sure that everything remained neat & tidy. Here’s some tips:

  1. Use the gloves. The skin on your hands will thank you for it.
  2. Do a test patch. Take a small amount of hair, preferably the inner parts of your hair so that if anything bad happens, it won’t be so painful to part with the few strands of hair. NOTE: Any half decent salon should also do the same. I have no idea why it’s not properly implemented in Malaysia’s salons when it’s a policy in most salons in the US!
  3. Don’t empty the whole of the bleaching powder and develop it right away. (This was a mistake I made. *Sobs*) Use half first to see how much you really need. I found that I don’t need the whole packet even if I wanted to bleach my whole head!
  4. The instructions say that it’s safe to leave the bleach in your hair for up to 90 mins. It’s true. But if you’re not comfortable with that, use a hairdryer and blast some heat on your hair (this works even better if you have wrapped your hair in aluminium foil as it’s a great conductor of heat) The heat helps to speed up the whole bleaching process.
  5. With that said, if you wanna bleach your whole head, take note that the bleach works faster on your roots due to the heat coming from your scalp. So make sure you do your tips first and do your roots later.
  6. Be sure to check the progress of your hair every 15 mins. Once your go off the edge, there’s no coming back peeps!

After about 60 mins, I rinsed off my hair. And the results: Dirty Blonde Hair! The exact color that I wanted! More amazingly, my hair remained the same quality as before! It didn’t feel like straw. Considering the fact that my first round was such a disaster, this was a nice surprise. I was expecting some sort of damage.. But I went on with caution anyways and made sure I really took care of my locks. Better safe than sorry right?

Anyways, after bleaching, your hair becomes porous (the same effect you’ll get after swimming in swimming pools) so that’s the best time to color your hair! But if your goal is to go blond, simply condition your hair to seal your hair shafts.

TIP: Although it’s really tempting to shampoo the bleach out, DON’T! Just make sure you’ve rinsed your hair thoroughly and condition/mask it for repair. Shampoo will simply strip away what’s left of the natural moisture in your hair, leaving it drier.

Putting on the Colors

Right after dying off my hair, I simply rubbed in Manic Panic’s Semi Permanent hair dye into my hair.

Here’s the consistency of the hair dye:

It’s basically a crème based dye and you can simply massage in into your hair and leave it in your hair till you get the effect you’re looking for. Yes, you heard me right. Leave it on as long as you want. This dye is vegan so it’s even used on children.  The time spent in your locks will only effect the intensity of the color. Here’s a great plus, it also moisturises as it colors! So after rinsing, you don’t even have to condition!

The Results

As for colors, I used Purple Haze on the most part of the bottom of my hair and Mystic Amethyst for my ends. Here’s some pictures to show you how my hair turned out!

Here’s my ends, the results of Mystic Amethyst after leaving it on for about 2 hours.

And I twisted my hair in tight coils just to show you how healthy my hair remained even after the bleaching and coloring.

And you can pretty much tell the real color of my hair by contrasting it to my skin.

Overall, I’m stoked with the results! It’s semi permanent and would last up to 4 to 6 weeks on your hair but the large jars have a lot of product so you can just reapply when you need to. I personally think it’s a plus for those who can’t commit to extreme hair color permanently, especially to university students whose Uni still dictates the ‘acceptable’ color of your own hair. Meh. But hey, even the ‘permanent’ colors wash away so I can’t really see what the difference is.

The only downside is that Manic Panic is not available in Malaysia. I had to import it via Avant La Mode’s Personal Shopper service. If you ever wanna get any of Manic Panic’s products, Just email Or visit Avant La Mode

I hope this helps babes!

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