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Hello October! How are you sisters in shopping enjoying the month so far? We’re already in the final lap for the year and it’s plenty of parties, get-togethers and tons of fun! *grins*

Along with the new month, we also have a new sponsor for a brand new giveaway: Soul Chic. They’ve got an amazing selection lined up for you and are also rewarding 4 very lucky readers with a design from their latest arrivals!

The Goodies Up for Grabs

Week #1 – Bey

Week #2 – Caitlin in Blue

Week #3 – Cassandra in Yellow

Week #4 – Ameryn in Blue

Lots of fun party pieces listed here and would you be one of the lucky four to take home one of these brand new designs? Here’s how you can:

Step #1 – Like Soul Chic’s Facebook page:

Step #2 – Follow Soul Chic on Instagram:

Step #3 – Like and share the image on your Facebook wall (make sure the post is public!) via A Shopaholic’s Den (give us a like too, if you haven’t!)

Simple enough, ain’t it? Now what are you waiting for? The giveaway has already begun!

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