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We recently started off a new section to get to know the founders of our favourite blogshops a little better and share their amazing stories with you. Our first interview was with Joy from NudeNot and we are now super excited to share our second interview with you, this time with Viven of Pink n’ Proper

Pink n’ Proper is dedicated to bring you the¬†trendiest brands and items found in the U.K., especially for passionate shoppers and they strongly believe in value for money prices


Let’s find out more about her story:

ASD: What is your favourite item in your closet?

Vivien: Ah, a difficult question. I have so many dresses and loving them all! Well, if I really had to pick one, it would be my mint floral peplum dress. It looks great for both day and night!


ASD: What was your favourite item sold from your e-shop business and did you keep a piece for yourself?

Vivien: My favourite item ever sold is this jacquard cut out dress and it’s from our current prom collection. I’m a fan of skater and baroque prints so this dress did the combo for me! And you guessed it right! I kept one for myself – guilty as charged!


ASD:¬†You cannot leave home without …. (name your essential items)

Viven: My phone, my watch, matching bag for my outfit, matching stilettos, and many many more! My bag always weigh a ton. But no matter what, I had to go out looking prim and proper! I carry my laptop 90% of the time too, does that count?

ASD: Why you decided to go into online fashion?

Vivien: I was training as a pharmacist in the UK and had some time on my hands because I was living alone in a quiet city called York. At that time, I was having a long distance relationship with my partner who was then studying in Canada. Both of us thought of something we can work out and build together to keep the relationship interesting, and of course so we can keep in contact more often. I have always loved hunting for new fashion brands with different styles in the UK and my friends always complimented my sense of style. There are so many good fashion brands in Europe yet to be discovered in Malaysia and thus my partner and I decided to do an online site together, and voila, that’s how we bring in Pink N’ Proper to the world!


Thank you Viven for sharing your story with us and we look forward to more amazing UK brand clothing and also their newly introduced bikini and swimwear collection from Pink n’ Proper

Stay tuned for more stories from founders of our favourite online shops, exclusively on A Shopaholic’s Den

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