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MAGNOLIA- Flowers Embroidery Top - RM35SPOTTED: A Spoonful of Clothes

Flower embroidery top – yes please. Great for layering, the tropical climate and because it comes in white! Tee-hee. I definitely would want a piece like this on a hot sunny afternoon alright. Wouldn’t you? *winks*


Galaxy and cosmic prints seems to be all the rage now and this one would be an ideal piece to won with all the skinnies and leggings we own, no? Better grab it quick before it’s too late because everyone is gonna want a piece of this alright

Mini Blue Feathers - RM15SPOTTED: Sheabelle

The other day I was at the Night Markets and I came across plenty of earrings with feathers! Maybe I missed out on the memo about feathers making a comeback? But now that we know, let’s stock up, wear ’em and show ’em off! *grins*

Cosmic Leggings - RM95SPOTTED: Owlch

Ohh look! More cosmic prints again and this time on leggings, which is great for those plain coloured tops that you’ve got all stocked up. You got to have the prints on both tops and bottoms, yea? Make it yours before they all belong to someone else!

RM72SPOTTED: Chique Maison

Prints are also all the rage now and there’s just something about our feathered friends that makes it all the more intriguing, doesn’t it? Even more so when it’s a fraction of the price of the pieces of the retail brands seen in the malls, no? Definitely a worthy purchase!

Bodycon Toga Dress - RM65SPOTTED: Chic Valley

More toga dresses and I love it! Always look amazing in a darker shade, doesn’t it? Gotta own one of these now that we’re heading towards the year end where all the parties take place! Woot! Be prepared babes, you never know when you need a new dress

Medium Envelope Clutch - RM25SPOTTED: Dress2Dazzle

Every girl needs an envelope clutch and even more so when they have so many different colour options to choose from and it’s only RM25 each! Why not get a few of your favourite colours while you’re at it eh? I know I want to. Tee-hee

Ballerina Skater Skirt - RM39SPOTTED: Laquinnox

And look here, skater skirts! In so many colours so get yours quick. Not only that, it’s also RM39 per piece including shopping, ain’t that awesome? I love it when we’re spoilt with choice with the colours. There’s something for everyone! Woot!

Sling Bag/Clutch - Candy Land in the Night - RM39.90SPOTTED: The Lollipop House

With all the mint craze going around, you sure have to own a mint bag as well too, no? Practical size and price, why not? Plus, it’s the colour to be wearing! Get it now before it’s too late and the orders are closed. Hurry on over *winks*

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