Father’s Day Gift Idea: BONIA SS 2016 – La Vida

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“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” quoted Pablo Picasso, the well-known Spanish artist; and fashion is just another way of showcasing one’s personality. As much as art inspired fashion, the new of seeing pioneered by Picasso changed the art world forever and inspired the fashion community at all times.

On Spring/Summer 2016, BONIA’s ingenious designer, Pepe Torres decided to create the sequel of the fun of art from previous season and invites you to the flashback of the most influential artist- Pablo Picasso. From joyful Rose and gloomy Blue periods to the innovative Cubism, and from the Surrealism depicted the tragedy of wars to the simple life of War and Peace; Pepe Torres portraits the moments of Picasso’s life and his artistic vision into BONIA’s edgy designs, bringing a chic contemporary twist onto its modernistic elegance
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Inspired by Picasso’s trip to Spain during his heavy-hearted period of life, the designer dyed its Nappa leather clutch exclusively in brown, indicating the gloominess and dreariness that shaded Picasso’s paintings. The embellishment of golden hardware suggests the enjoyable moment Picasso shared with Carlos Casagemas, his close friend; this clutch signifies the Blue period of Picasso

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086237-003-95 (2)

It’s nothing like anyone else had ever done before! The leather messenger bag is dyed with monochrome brownish colours. Decorated with grain textured and bordered with weave patterns, it brings out the bold appeal of analytic cubism that Picasso developed with Georges Braque

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086238-003-98 (2)

A new philosophical and cultural movement; BONIA’s designer interprets the symbolism of renowned Guernica painting with its practical leather backpack. Coloured in cauldron black that suggests the emotion breakdowns from chaotic war, the smooth leather backpack also signifies one’s strength in mind which motivated one to move on

886239-004-98 (1) 886239-004-98 (2)

Sketched the bold stripes of brown onto its black coloured Nappa leather, this document bag drew its inspiration from Chicago Picasso, which also known as The Picasso. Mysterious and unexplained, the designers infused the emotion of this recognisable landmark into its practical document bag with laptop compartment, unleashing the enigmatic charm in you

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