Fashionista Senze: Not Your Usual Accessories

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When you think about accessories, what comes to mind?

For us, the immediate though goes to necklaces and earrings – the most common accessories that all, if not most girls have. But the possibilities go beyond that and today we want to share with you some beautiful pieces by Fashionista Senze

Meek in Pink

We’ve been on the lookout for ear cuffs ever since we spotted the awesome piece on Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire and this one while bold, has a feminine touch to it that let’s you keep your feminine touch with an extra edge


For the outfit, we suggest a simple yet sweet combination, letting the ear cuff add the surprise element to your outfit. Tee-hee!meek in pink

Retro Chic

When we think retro, we think colours! Adding on to that are also some gold for glam and a touch of girly with a bow on a ring


For the accessories above, we’d style the outfit with a retro twist but still bringing¬†a colourful and bright palette to the mix

retro chic


Boyfriend Style

With a biker jacket like that, this winged cuff is all we need when it comes to accessories


But we can also go casual with the outfit and opt for a more laid-back ensemble of comfortable denim and practical essentials to finish it up
boyfriend styleHow adventurous are you when it comes to accessories and how would you style it? Find out more unique designs from Fashionista Senze on Facebook and on Instagram

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