Fashion Flipside: Perfume Bottle Clutch

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Perfume Clutch

If fashion bloggers are your daily muse, you would have seen them clutching these iconic perfume clutches, which totally knocked us off our feet the moment we lay our eyes on them. But alas, the price tag is a way out of our budget and even if we could afford it, it’s probably sold out by the time we want to place our orders

Chanel Pre-Order

But luckily for us, we have an alternative. We can still showcase this iconic Chanel clutch as a phone casing and it wouldn’t even break the bank thanks to the wonders of online shopping:

Left: Chanel No.5 Sling casing – RM40 and Right: Chanel Perfume No.5 PU Leatherchain Strap iPhone Case – RM50


Glossyaddiction has just started their pre-order for this iconic case as well. The only question left is, which colour would you order when they all look equally as good?

Perfume Bottle Clutch DIY

And if you’re still adamant about having it as a clutch as opposed to a phone casing, here’s a simple tutorial that you can follow to DIY your very own clutch

How will you be incorporating this iconic clutch into your outfits?

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