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Starting this week, A Shopaholic’s Den will round up the best of each week’s fashion finds every Friday. Check out the awesome designs that were introduced over the week:

SPOTTED: Sweater with Embroidered Butterfly by KEI Mag

Sweater with Embroided Butterfly

Other than pink hearts and pretty bows, the butterfly has got to be the next most favourite print of all time for girls. They come in all types of sizes and colours, just that extra touch that a simple top needs. We can definitely see ourselves getting cosy with this piece here

SPOTTED: Bring It On by Nyo

Were you a cheerleader back in school? This one really reminds us of the uniform, albeit the longer length that makes it perfect for a casual weekend out. Plus, it looks amazing with cobalt blue, just what we need to break from the usual black and white pieces

SPOTTED: Floral Kimono Cardigan by Velvet Strings

The cardigan has been redefined in so many different ways over the years and this is my favourite definition so far. It’s simple with floral prints, has a Japanese touch to it and perfect for layering with plain pieces while keep us from getting too chilly without looking like we over-bundled ourselves

SPOTTED: High-Waist Retro Reef by Malibu Beachwear

Looks like this year, everyone is going retro with their swimwear. Especially for those of you who are a tad bit shy or just had one too many of them string bikinis, this is the perfect time to be shopping for these new designs. Go show off that new swimsuit at your next beach getaway!

SPOTTED:  Grecian Ring by Itsy Beadsy

Grecian RM9There’s something about the Greek-inspired pieces that always catches our attention, no? Think back of all the toga dresses that you’ve feel in love with. Now this would be a great accessory to complete the look. Now only if we can find the head piece to match it

SPOTTED: Pastel Heart Aviators by Delirious

Heart-shaped and in pastel colours? Yes, we need to own them right now! And just when you thought you were keeping up with the trend with them reflective aviators eh? But hey, one can never have too many pairs of sunnies!

SPOTTED: Music for the Soul by Mangkiu

A simple arm candy that can be worn on its own or stacked along with others that you have in your collection. Also makes a great meaningful gift for the friend who is musically talented. Be sure to check out their other creations while you’re at it


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