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The year end is full of festivities and celebrations – which means, we have plenty of parties to attend as well as many weddings to celebrate. This week, we’ll share with your our favourite picks from the web on where to score the best bridesmaid dresses and dinner gowns for the wonderful events that you’ll be attending or you’ll be hosting as the beautiful bride:


A lovely selection of bridesmaid dresses and dinner gowns in the sweetest colours and designs available via pre-order with a delivery date between 10 to 12 days from the date ordered. The best part is that they allow customization to the dresses such as adding a hidden zipper, corset as well as adjusting the length of the dress. They’re also currently running a promotion now and you can enjoy discounts with your purchase till 5th November. Hop on over to check out the gorgeous designs today!

They’ve dedicated an entire section to bridesmaids dress and the best part of it is that these lovely dresses are convertible and are available in various lengths and colours. Now everyone can wear it uniquely the way they like it while keeping to the theme colors or you can even have everyone wearing a different colour for a lovely rainbow entrance during the special event!

Emcee Couture

Opt for convertible dresses, select from previous designs by Emcee Couture or custom make your own designs that is unique for each of the bridesmaid to suit the theme of your wedding. Everything is flexible but do plan ahead so that you have these wonderful pieces ready in time for the big day! Now go make your dream wedding a fairy tale come true *winks*

Cocktail Evening

Select from a variety of colours and designs that best suits your needs when it comes to dinner dresses and bridesmaids attire. Classy yet trendy dresses are waiting to be yours and be sure to make your selection early as they’re based on a pre-order basis. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary hiccups on the journey towards your special day!

We hope that these recommendations have helped you narrow down the options to finding the perfect dress for your special day and we’re sure that it would turn out to be a spectacular event to remember *grins*

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