Fashion Finds Friday: It’s in the Details

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Hey ho, it’s the weekend once more! Is it party time on month-end retail therapy time for you this weekend? *winks*

We’d like to share our favourite finds for this week and it’s all about the details that make these great. Check ’em out:

Lace always gives it an extra classy feel, what more when you pair it with bronze on an oversized clutch or a simple teal dress. Definitely ups the game on an otherwise plain and basic piece doesn’t it? Also, these are colours we don’t wear everyday that makes it all the more interesting.

Left: Oversized envelope lace clutch by Downtown sunny | Right: Lyndsy lace work dress by Chitzabelle

But if you prefer a more subtle piece, here are some options that you might want to consider. A butterfly lace on a dual-layer collar makes a simple shirt pretty, preppy and a whole lot of fun. What about a floral lace crop top? Perfect for layering, hitting the beach and of course, tropical climate we enjoy all year long!

Left: The butterfly effect by NYO | Right: Lace top by Doux Duet

If you prefer to go minimal, what better way than to do it with white. A studded bralet for a rocker chic look and make sure you got them boots to pair it with to complete the look. On the other hand, for a sweeter, dainty look, this white skater skirt with beautiful floral details on it is a sure-win piece for all occasions

Left: Studded bralet by Inspired Closet | Right: Celeste floral skater skirt by Clovettez

And don’t forget about the accessories. Knotted beautifully in neon green, this would be the focal point of your outfit and also make you center of attention for a fun night out! Or would you prefer something with a little more bling, encrusted on a gorgeous peacock for a belt? Not your usual suspects for accessories with this week’s selections!

Left: Green knot rope statement necklace by Juju Milky | Right: Vintage peacock belt buckle by Jemmy Fashion

We love the theme this week for our fashion finds and the beautiful yet unique designs. We hope you find your unique piece too!

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