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It’s been a long week and aren’t we glad that it’s Friday? Cheers to the weekend and let’s have a look at the best of fashion finds for the week and what we can add to our wardrobe:

SPOTTED: Keisha by A Model Studio

Gorgeous prints on a mini dress, balancing it with a clean background and 3/4 sleeves. A chic dress that we can definitely wear to parties and also on days where we want to go minimal with the accessories. Look good without trying hard and a great price to own this piece too!

SPOTTED: Bodycon Toga Dress by Chic Valley

I’ve always liked the toga dress and especially when it comes in black. We’re thinking this LBD (yes, we always have space for more!) would also be a great piece for your upcoming Halloween costume, especially with the sleeve looking like so, no?

SPOTTED: Sailor Me by Oozora.Tang

The sailor theme never gets old, only reinvented in new ways that allows the collection to continue to grow in endless manners. For the minimalist in me, I like to keep things simple and this piece is something I really like! Especially for those of you who stray away from horizontal stripes, you can totally opt for this design

SPOTTED: Loose Throwover by Velvet Strings

 I used to wear a lot of hoodies, but now I’m trading the heavy bulky pieces that limits your style to these simple throwovers that are lightweight, extremely comfortable and keeps you warm while looking chic at the same time. Check them out for other colour options and snuggle in one before it’s all gone

SPOTTED: Tulip Fitted Skirt by Peep

Remember their best seller, the maxi skirt with the zipper side slit? They’ve done it again, but this time with a tulip styled skirt and I’m totally loving this piece in hot pink. It’s sexy and fun at the same time and there’s endless opportunities to styling it as well too. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a piece!

SPOTTED: Statement Tees by Blackmilk Project

We go through a range of emotions throughout the day and they’ve captured exactly how we feel, during times when we experience that time of the month. There’s more from where these came from so be sure to check them all out

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    September 7, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Wow.. Nice collection. I loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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