Bazaar Hop: Kicks On

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Last weekend,  I popped by the Kicks On Sneaker Convention at Summit USJ. It was a hip-hop and street fashion bazaar that showcased plenty of local indie fashion brands and of course, a whole lot of sneakers – which I love!

It was my first time attending such an event with a different scene where fans of sneakers and street fashion gather, not to forget where you get to rub shoulders with local celebrities as well too – Mizz Nina and Joe Flizzow in the house

Lots of sneakers were showcased during the event. Although mainly catered for the dudes, it was still great eye candy nonethless especially if you are a big fan of Nike’s sneakers

Where there are sneakers, there will be amazing snapbacks to go along with them too

Don’t forget about the awesome street swag (thankfully they have lots of designs for both ladies and men) to go along with those brand new sneakers

It was a great experience to check out niche bazaars catered for specific markets growing in Malaysia. Will be on the lookout for more events such as these in time to come

As a sneakers fan, I’ve always bought my sneakers overseas as they tend to have better designs there for ladies (especially Hong Kong as they have an entire shopping street dedicated for sneakers) but I hope to see more options available in Malaysia soon!

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