DIY: Our Top 5 Favourite Valentine’s Day Manicure Inspirations

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Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, which is perfect for evening plans and a romantic dinner with your loved one. Or better yet, turn the romantic date night into a staycation since it’s the weekend! Not to forget, it’s also Chap Gor Mei – the Chinese Valentine’s Day that marks the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration

With so much going on this weekend, be sure your nails are dolled up for the special occasion too! Here are our 5 favourite manicure inspirations for Valentine’s Day:

1. Valentine Owl

There’s something about this particular feathered friend that makes it so lovable that we have them as ornaments, pendants, owl motif on our apparels so we thought, why not on our nails too?


Get the tutorial here

2. Doily Nail Art

Here’s how using 3 different colours, basic shapes and layering can create this sweet and simple doily effect on our nails. We reckon you should experiment with different colour combinations to match your outfits!


3. Glitter Heart

Got some washi tape lying round the house? Here’s another crafty project that you can use them for: a manicure!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 6.42.56 PMFind the complete tutorial here

4. Sweetheart Nail Art

We love how simple it looks (and simple to re-create!) and love the effect when it’s completed! It’s like a series of mini heart rainbows across our nails – ¬†what’s not to love?


Create your own by following the tutorial here

5. Hanging Hearts

This one is slightly more complicated but if you’ve got a little time on your hands, you should totally give it a try! Also, we think that we’d like to substitute the hearts for cherries instead. Tee-hee


Get the step-by-step instructions here

BONUS: Water Transfer Nail Decals

Baffled by the complicated instructions and don’t have a steady hand to DIY your nails? Here’s a quick solution for you: Water transfer nail decals that are affordable, fuss-free and easy to apply from Gummi Nails


Have a fabulous Valentine’s weekend and hope you have amazing nails to match the event!

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