DIY: 7 Manicures We Want for Halloween

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Halloween is about two weeks away and you should be preparing your costume already! But, don’t forget about the Halloween themed nails to go along with them. We found some adorable designs that we’d like to share that you can surely try out ourselves before the day is here

Here’s 7 of our favourites:

#1 – Bloody French Manicure

A simple manicure that requires to basic color, which most of us own already to create this bleeding French manicure. Also, we love the contrast between these two colours that are sure to stand out among the rest. Check out the tutorial here

#2 – Bloody Manicure

Here’s another version of a bloody manicure by using just one colour. It really reminds us of a crime victim but yet it looks something like what Lady Vamp’s nails would look like too, no?

#3 – Jack Skellington

All it takes are classic black and white to re-create Jack Skellington – one of the most iconic characters of Halloween. It’s a little spooky yet fun at the same time. It’s definitely something we’d want to try out for ourselves

#4 – Frankenstein

Here’s another character that’s frequently associated with Halloween. Lime green and black for a pop of colour on the nails with an adorable Frankie twist to add on to it. We reckon you could try on different faces showing a range of emotions for Frankie too

#5 – Mummies

Mummies never looked so cute! Here’s a detailed tutorial¬†on the tools you need to recreate this look in time for Halloween – practice makes perfect after all *winks*

#6 – Eensie Weensie Spider

Here’s how to make a quick spider web across your nails – using white and a dark background for contrast. We think it’d be cute to leave one of the nails free from the web to place in a spider instead – try it!

#7 – Jack-o-Lantern

What’s Halloween without pumpkins? Time to try on different expressions for good ‘ol Jack and more! We absolutely love the polka dots that are added on to complement the pumpkins. Here’s how you can create this look

What’s your favourite Halloween manicure? Let us know or share with us via the comments below

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