Disney’s Maleficent Beauty Tutorials

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We caught Maleficent on the big screens over the weekend and we loved how Angelina Jolie embraced her role for the character. It was true to the villain that we grew up knowing yet very human and very Angelina, without looking like she stepped out from the cartoon

We love all the small details that went into making this character a reality (the makeup, the eyes, the horns!) and even managed to find a makeup tutorial (minus the cheek prosthetics) that you can follow to recreate this gorgeous Maleficent look, which will make this year’s Halloween so much more interesting!

Apart from the makeup, we noticed another subtle detail under her nails, fondly known as the Louboutin nails as they are red underneath *winks*


And yes, there’s a tutorial for it too! Although the instructions are not in English, it’s pretty much self-explanatory as the tutorial is very details

Maleficent’s definitely our favourite Disney villain by far and a look we would want to recreate as she’s stunningly beautiful


Have you caught Maleficent in the theaters yet?


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