Disney Princess Inspired Outfits

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Did you grow up watching Disney movies and fawning over the princesses? I was one of them and for me, the inspiration doesn’t stop there. I may no longer wish to grow up a princess (I sometimes still do!), but it doesn’t stop me from styling Disney princess inspired outfits. Here are some examples:

Snow WhiteDisney’s first ever princess: Snow White. A modern twist to the look while keeping the iconic colours from the movie – fantastic contrast in colours. Check out those apple earrings too!CinderellaWhile we may not be able to afford Louboutin’s version of the Cinderella glass shoe, we sure could look into alternatives such as silver glitter heels. Plus, I love that all the accessories come in silver. So classy!AuroraI don’t have much recollection about Princess Aurora other than the 3 fairies: Flora, Fauna and Merryweather but I do remember she’s a princess dressed in pink most of the time. And say, I love how the different shades come together in this outfit!ArielOne of my favourite Disney princess of all time and plus, she was sexy as a mermaid. Tee-hee. Green and purple are definitely not colours we pair together often but hey, she made it work! So can we *winks*BelleBeauty and the Beast definitely has one of the best soundtrack (second to Lion King IMHO) and it’s one of the stories I remember the most because I had an audiobook when I was a child. Classic yellow is definitely the highlight of this inspired outfit with roses of course
JasmineJasmine is my all time favourite princess and oh yes, who says princesses don’t wear blue? *winks* Simple, minimal and pairing blue with gold? Now why didn’t I try that out eh? It sure is an amazing combo for me!PocahontasEarthy tones and nature inspired pieces is Pocahontas’ distinctive style. Minimal in style although I think a little addition of prints would be great to complete the lookMulanThe girl who fought for her country and was a hero. While we don’t necessarily have to adhere to an oriental outfit, keeping the colours and a small accessory still rock it! And that lilac dress? It’s amazing!TianaI caught this movie pretty late but it’s a great modern tale that has a happy ending. Plus, wearing green? What an amazing refreshing look! Mint may be in this season but try out different shades why don’t you *grins*
Tangled definitely showcased one of the hottest princess of all time! Plus that hair? It’s gorgeous! And of course, another princess in pink. Gorgeous, feminine and a colour we grew up loving as little girls. Tee-hee

So, which is your favourite Disney princess and which outfit do you like best? *winks*  Mine is Princess Jasmine and Mulan inspired outfit


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