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B - RM49SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

It seems like there are bowling bags everywhere and why not be caught spotted with one in an amazing bright shade on your arm? I know I would want one and it looks just as good as the ones I just spotted in Charles & Keith the other day *winks*

Pleat Asymmetrical Blouse with Shoulder Tab - RM49SPOTTED: Whitesoot

These tops are definitely the best! Great for styling with mini skirts and skinny jeans or perhaps even leggings? Plus, it’s a great bright colour to match with your staple coloured bottoms, no? Go ahead and find out what other colours they come in!

Skater Skirt - RM35SPOTTED: Juju Milky

I do love them skater skirts! And you know what’s the best part? There are so many different colours to choose from, which one shall it be? Now, don’t limit yourself to just one if more catches your eye. Wouldn’t want to miss out on those awesome colours, do we?

Cutout Bodycon Dress - RM46SPOTTED: Project Love

How about going for a little duo-toned by pairing a bright shade with classic black? Looks great for the season and not to forget that it also gives a very slimming impression to the girl wearing it! How awesome is that?

COVETZ Reversible Dress - Lilac/Plum - NEW IN - RM69SPOTTED: Covetz

Lilac on one side, plum on the other. What colour would you like to wear out today? That is totally up to you! Yes, it’s a reversible dress and a great two-in-one dress! There’s more from where this came from, so head on over and check it out already babes

Terena Wraparound - RM39SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Tulip hem skirts are one of my favourites and I love it when it comes in this amazing colour! And yes, there are more than this one colour, while stocks last of course. You’ve been warned, so get yours before it all belongs to someone else

Flip Flap - RM58SPOTTED: Ainee Suhaidi

While they have re-branded their name, they still bring great bag designs and this one here is adorable! Tri-colour on a very cute size, how can you not want to own a piece of this? Tee-hee

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