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Looking for cheap and yet fashionable korean fashion style clothes or accessories online?

Look towards the south for Cleocat Fashion – the biggest and most popular online wholesale fashion store in Singapore!

Cleocat’s prices are breathtakingly cheap, with a sleeveless top starting from RM 17.30 and postage RM2.20 * to deliver, and variety astonishing large, with more than 1,000 designs to choose from. Unlike all other online fashion stores, you can buy ONE piece at these wholesale prices with NO minimum purchase quantity! No fuss and no stress. How’s that for shopping to your heart’s content?

Here are some of the selections that they have to offer:

Here’s the best part – Have a look at the postage rates for posting to Malaysia and Brunei. You won’t believe how economical their postage rates are despite posting the items from Singapore:

Why wait? Have a look at Cleocat and their Facebook page now!

* Assuming the top weighs less than 100g.

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