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It was a hot Saturday afternoon at Setia City Mall where Churp Out 2013 was held. If you had been to Nuffnang FoodFest then you would know that they never fail to give you a memorable time at their event.

I managed to reach Churp Out 2013 around 12.30pm. It was hot and everyone was everywhere browsing at the activities and the booths of the event. What first caught my attention and well pretty much everyone’s attention too was Churp Out 2013’s Reverse Bungee!

Luckily enough I got to ride it for free and without much wait. All I had to do was just tweet and hashtag churpout to go on it 😀

Me with my kungfu kick at midair

After that, it was hard to miss out on all the stuff selling at the event. It was like a mini bazaar on the field. It felt so foreign and downright exciting. Everything was ON SALE! Everywhere I turn was a fashion blogger handling their booth. The entire event was just CRAWLING WITH BLOGGERS.

Fashion Valet

SF by Sazzy Falak

Phat Culture

Chap Four Fashion

Peep Boutique

Fashion booths that were involved in the event were Fashion Valet, SF by Sazzy Falak, Darl’s Closet, Phat Culture, Chap Four Fashion, 826 Closet, Cheeserland, FourFeetNine, Bobo Stephanie, Hui Wen, Brain See, Jessica Chaw, Hanis Zalikha, Melissa 1010, Sesame Chesnut, Peep Boutique, Milktee, The Wild Things, LoveFate Clothing, Sandra Dee, Trendy Confessions, Tanks For Five, etc. It was a mixture of online boutiques and bloggers selling their pre-loved items

Lesson learned, would bring more cash from now on saw a few stuff from SF that I wanted to own. Oh wells. Besides that, there were many other activities that took place during the event. Kite flying, chilling on the bean bags, photobooth, games (coconut bowling) and watching performances.

It was another afternoon well spent and I can’t wait for how ChurpChurp would top up this year’s event!

Check out more photos from the event on A Shopaholic’s Den Facebook page

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