Chinese New Year 2014 Fashion Picks

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It felt like Christmas was just yesterday and now, we’re all out on the hunt for the perfect cheongsam/red dress/festive piece for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations at the end of the month!

Here are some of our favourite looks from across the web. We recommend that you get them as soon as you can, before they are all sold out and make in time for delivery:


A collection of simple red dresses that we can style for various occasions and wear throughout the year

Left: Sallanda by Belmode | Middle: Lady Charlotte Ruffle Dress by Whitesoot | Right: Duo tone skater dress by Kei Mag



For more styling creativity, choose a festive top to pair it with the bottom of your choice. These tops are also great for both work and play

All tops are by Kei Mag: Left, Middle, Right


Don’t mind showing off a little skin during the festivities but keeping it chic all the same with these gorgeous tops

All tops are by Gold Apple-Lady Fashion: Left, Middle, Right


Just because it’s Chinese New Year, doesn’t mean all your outfits have to be red. It’s also a great time to explore other hues in different floral prints, which you can also wear throughout the year

All tops can be found at Zalora


What’s Chinese New Year without a brand new bag to collect the red packets in? Get these cool clutches and may they be filled with blessings in abundance for you this year

All bags are by Chic Kiss Love: Left, Middle, Right

asd-cny-7 (1)

And we’d like to think that a little jewellery is always welcomed, no matter the occasion

All accessories are by Velour Couture’s: Left, Middle, Right


The outfit isn’t complete till we got a new pair of heels! Or maybe more than one pair, just because they look gorgeous

Heels are from Say Fashion: Left, Right


If you’d like to go for something more traditional, these gorgeous cheongsams and their modern day prints are something not to be missed

All cheongsams are by Cassa Fashion: Left, Middle, Right


Not to be missed are Emcee Couture’s creations that take on a modern-day twist to the traditional pieces. We simply cannot decide which design we want to own!

All designs are by Emcee Couture: Left, Middle, Right


Here are more modern day interpretations for the CNY outfits, in pretty colours that are great for all occasions throughout Chinese New Year, whether you’re visiting family, friends or even meeting someone new! Cheers to looking gorgeous while merry making during the festive season

All dresses can be found in Zalora

We’ll be sharing more of our favourite CNY picks for 2014 via our Facebook page, so don’t forget to check them out. May you find the best festive wears for the year of the Horse!

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