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Miss Rebbecca - RM49SPOTTED: The Attires’ Attic

A great combo of lace and peplum makes this piece a desirable one and guess what, there’s more from where this came from! If you spot something you absolutely must own, you better place that order before it all belongs to someone else alright *winks* You’ve been warned!

Versace - RM49SPOTTED: Peep

Now, we’re all familiar with the Versace prints aren’t we? While they are usually a little out of most our budgets, we can now opt for this great alternative piece. Better be quick about that though, seems like everyone wants a piece of this goodness!

Ultramarine One-shoulder Dress with Chiffon Bishop Sleeves - RM65SPOTTED: Whitesoot

I absolutely love one shoulder dresses and have mentioned it more than enough. But I cannot resist a gorgeous piece when I see one with billowy sleeves like so. I have got to have this piece. Feel the same? Go get it now babe!

Cut Out Back - RM52SPOTTED: Clothes for Chics

We’ve seen an array of different cutout designs on the back of dresses but this is a first for me and I think it looks lovely. After all, it is time to try out new designs for this summer season, no? Can’t wait to try one out for myself

Lace Shift Dress - RM45SPOTTED: Banana Mustard

Once can never get enough of lace and I personally think that they look best in white – makes it all so classy. And of course, in white, you can see all the amazing details more clearly as well too. What’s your favourite colour for a dress?

Push - RM80SPOTTED: Glossy Addiction

Love their latest arrivals and this design here looks like something Charles & Keith just brought in for the season only with better summer colour options and an amazing price tag along with it. Practical, spacious and chic in design. What’s more to ask for? *grins*

Bangles - RM15 per setSPOTTED: Rainbows in My Closet

Now, to complete the outfit, let’s have some accessories to jazz up the look, shall we? They’ve got a couple sets of bangles waiting to be yours and my personal pick is this set. An easy pop of colours and motifs for plain outfits days!

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  1. Top fashion online

    July 9, 2012 at 4:45 pm

    How have I not known about this blog? Thank you for bringing fabulous clothes together on one site. I love every outfit!

    • Your sister in shopping

      July 10, 2012 at 9:30 pm

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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